Financial Assistance Programs for Persons with Disabilities in Gulfport, MS

Are you looking for financial assistance programs for persons with disabilities in Gulfport, MS? If so, you're in luck! The Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services (MDRS) is dedicated to providing adequate and comprehensive services to Mississippi residents with disabilities in a timely and effective manner. There are a variety of social service programs available to help people with disabilities get jobs, stay employed, and live more independently. The Office of Special Disability Programs (OSDP) is a great resource for those with severe disabilities. They offer free clothing cabinets, school supplies, and furniture throughout the state and county, including in Gulfport.

Additionally, if you're having trouble with medical or hospital bills, there are ways to get help with hospital bills. The state works in collaboration with the Social Security Administration to establish the eligibility of Mississippi residents with severe disabilities to apply for programs such as SSDI. The Mississippi Gulf Coast Section of the American Red Cross, located at 2782 Fernwood Road in Biloxi, manages two programs that can help people pay their utility bills. Mississippi and the staff of these organizations work with people with disabilities to ensure that they have all the benefits and assistance they need. The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind (VRB) specializes in working with people who are blind or have low vision to optimize their opportunities for inclusion in the workforce, community and home. It helps children and adolescents who have alcoholic family members or friends to deal with problems of alcoholism that are affecting their lives in some way. Eligible residents with a disability can access residential services, a home and community-based exemption program, and a wide variety of other community services.

Residents with disabilities in Mississippi have several other government resources and assistance programs available for their sometimes unique needs.

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