What Types of Disabilities are Covered by Services in Gulfport, MS?

Gulfport, MS is home to a range of disability benefit programs and relief services that can help those in need. The government provides several disability programs that provide assistance to individuals with disabilities, two of the most common being Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). A Mississippi Social Security disability benefits lawyer can help individuals understand how these programs can meet the needs of different people with disabilities. SSDI is a program funded by payroll taxes from work and it supports those who are disabled and have a qualified work history.

This protects individuals from the possibility of not being able to work due to a disability. A person is considered disabled if they are unable to perform any substantial gainful activity due to a medical or physical disability. This is the largest category of diagnoses among those receiving disability benefits. The Exemption for the Elderly and Disabled Program provides home and community services to people over 21 years of age who would otherwise need the level of care provided in a nursing facility. The City of Gulfport has partnered with Lincoln and Unum to offer supplemental insurance to employees at reduced rates. This insurance can help cover additional costs associated with disabilities.

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